Services and Support

The motivation for us to offer Services and Solutions to our customers concentrate on 2 things:

  • Save our customers money by intelligently using our great solutions
  • Help our customers to make more money with new offerings

Professional Services

To help our customers in their large and small email related projects, we, as the original developers of Dovecot email server, are offering first hand professional services and support.

Typical projects where we are being engaded are:

  • Architecture design of a new email system based on Dovecot
  • Hardware demand planning
  • Migration planning and execution from previous email systems, such as Cyrus, Courier, Zimbra. With our system we can do the migration in live operations with almost no service breaks.
  • Cost and TCO calculation
  • Design of mail server replication systems across many locations
  • Improvement of IMAP compatibility of MS Exchange

Are you planning to move your email servers from local hosting to a cloud-based storage?

We can help you in the design and integration of Dovecot to work with the following cloud storage systems:

  • Amazon S3
  • Scality
  • CAStor from Caringo

More information about the Dovecot Object Storage Plugin can be found here….


Technical Support

Our company has different levels of commercial support available for you. We can reduce your operational cost by optimizing your systems and being there for you when you need our help.

Dovecot offers excellent support services to all sizes of companies. Our Standard, Premium, and Platinum Service level agreements offer the perfect level of service to your company.

Levels vary from business hours to 24/7, and can be tailored to your needs.

All support contracts include:

  • Automated testing of your Dovecot configuration before new Dovecot releases
  • Access to certified Dovecot package repository (source, binaries)
  • Priority elevation for small feature requests

We have 3 level of support programs available:

  • Platinum 24/7/365 Business Critical Support
  • Premium Support
  • Basic Support

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