Partner program

Our partners will increase their revenue with our reseller and distribution programs. We have established a flexible Partner Programs to ensure all requirements of our partners, resellers, and alliances. This provides a flexible framework, and enables us to jointly deliver high value solutions to ensure the best possible end solution.

We will assist our partners to set up operational methods to ensure best tools and best possible services. We can help you to deploy, monitor, manage, and define service levels.

Technology Partners:

Dovecot has been working a long time to develop strong partnerships with the industry’s leading technology providers to have a strong foundation and relationship with our supported technology platforms. These technology providers are now strategic alliance partnerships with technology being just one dimension of the relationship. We are always looking for more partners in this area to ensure a strong technological advantage and support for our customers.

Systems Integrator partners are companies that create integrated server solutions for many business clients on regular basis. They can resell our licenses and premium support services with their solutions package. Each of their clients will receive our premium support benefits and SLA directly from us.

Our Groupware Partners:

We work with the following groupware companies to provide complete, integrated solution to our customers.

Supported Storage Systems:

Hosting partners:

Official Hosting Partner must be a known web hosting provider in a given area that has hundreds or thousands of business clients. Such partner can resell our commercial licenses and they normally buy a Pro Support Service contract from us. In the contract we promise the partner that we will return their support requests based in written SLA.

They will handle the Tier 1 support themselves, but they will always have priority access to new upgrades or latest patches. We can also provide custom solutions for them at no additional fee unless the development is too extensive. The cost of the Pro Support Service depends on how many business clients they will enroll in the Pro Support (not how many end users they have).


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